Elgar 01 rounded collar

Capirari shirts are a true example of traditional Italian tailoring, they are completely produced in Italy by selected and specialized artisans and with fabrics and manufacturing processes of best quality.

Price:  115,00

SKU: CRCU000080X


Article no.CRCMU000080X
Light blue awning stripe
Fabric100% Cotton
ButtonsAustralian Mother-of-pearl
Body FitRegular

Care & Maintenance

All Capirari products are made with high quality fabrics and, with a proper maintenance, can last for long time. We recommend you to follow the printed instructions on the label inside the clothes.


The Elgar shirt brings Edwardian men’s fashion roaring back into style.

The precision with which this shirt is made is extraordinary and you can perceive this from every little detail, from the shape of the collar and cuffs to the stitching of the buttons.

It is the quintessential expression of masculine elegance with the distinctive close front rounded collar, that is so difficult to find in modern times on a ready-to-wear shirt.

This Kind of retro style collar adds a refined style touch and a sophisticated elegance that does not go unnoticed.

Buttons are a small detail of the shirt, but they can give a significant impact on the overall aesthetic; we only use the finest Australian mother of pearl buttons to add a sense of elegance and refinement to every shirt.

Shirt features:

  • Close front rounded collar
  • Australian mother of pearl buttons
  • Barrel cuffs
  • Lower hem curves stitching
  • Contrasting white collar and cuffs
  • 100% poplin cotton